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Debt Types

ACSI strives to help consumers by presenting specific debt type common questions by clicking on the applicable debt type below. We encourage you to contact us by your preferred means – email, texting, calling or clicking on the make a payment button (where available).

Our goal is to assist consumers in finding a solution to their delinquent debts placed with ACSI.

Student Debt

We work with multiple student debt types including federal student loans, private lender student loans and institutional debts. Please note the federal loans offer programs for you regardless of your income or employment status. We encourage you to listen to the presentations and we stand ready to help you.

Healthcare Debt

Please listen to the presentations to answer common questions. We understand you may be experiencing financial difficulties or are focused on recuperation from an illness. We are available to assist you in repaying the outstanding balance.

Government Debt

Whether you owe a state taxes or other debt, county taxes, assessments, fines or fees, or debts owed to a city such as fines, tickets or fees – we are here to help you. Please go to the government page and listen to the presentations.

Financial Services Debt

ACSI works on helping you to repay credit card delinquencies, private loans, and bank or credit union debts. These presentations will answer key questions. We are available to help you.

Retail Debt

We suggest you listen to the presentations on this page if you owe a debt to a retail business, retail credit card or services provided by a business. You can communicate with us via text, email, telephone call or make a payment on line.

Telecom Debt

For individuals who have delinquent debts for cell phone, cable TV or internet, please listen to the virtual agent presentations. We offer multiple ways to for you to contact us or resolve your account on line.